CMPS™、T.A.F.™、ABF (Easy Open film)

Easy open film

Applications detail

Gelatin desserts, pudding, yogurt, cheese, tofu, sterile pre-cooked rice, ready-serve foods, etc.

  • Various and suitable line-up for different containers (PP,PE,PET etc.) and content.
  • Three peeling types

1. Interfacial peeling:

No remains.

2. Cohesive peeling:

Stable easy peeling after high temp. treatment.

3. Interlayer peeling:

High resistance of dropping puncture

Food Packaging: Jelly, Pudding, Tofu, Flour paste, Aseptic boiled rice, Cheese, Seaweed products, Pickled foods, Foods for microwave cooking, etc.

Others: Industrial materials, Daily utensils, Medical applications, etc.

Peeling TypeGradeApplied cup typeTreatment Temperature
InterfacialCMPS011C××90DC 30min
InterfacialCMPS012C××90DC 30min
CohesiveCMPS013C   120DC 30min
CohesiveCMPS017C   110DC 30min
CohesiveCMPS101C95DC 30min
CohesiveCMPS201C×   ×100DC 30min
CohesiveCMPS305C××××125DC 30min
CohesiveTAF 650C   100DC 30min
CohesiveTAF 680C   125DC 30min
InterlayerCMPS301C×××××115DC 30min
InterlayerABF 65C    No boiling

◎: Suitable   ○: Better   △: Possible   ×: Unsuitable
Blank : Checking on suitability required depending on application

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