Applications detail

This film can be used for high-retort pouch as sealant.


RXC-22™ is a high retort CPP film, with excellent dropping puncture resistance that allows down-gauging

Contribute reduction of loss wastage by down gauge with excellent dropping puncture resistance

  • Excellent dropping puncture resistance
  • Excellent heat seal strength
  • Excellent property in keeping flavor of contents
  • FDA-approved material (177.1520)

Food Packaging:

  1. 1. Aluminum-formed bags-
    Curry, Soup, Stew, Ingredients for Chinese food, Side dish
  2. 2. Transparent-film-formed bags-
    Pasta source, Noodle soup

Medical applications:

Outside package for medical kits etc.

Dropping puncture resistance

  1. 1. Pouch structure: PET#12/AL#7/R-CPP
  2. 2. Pouch size: 125mm x 175mm
  3. 3. Content: Water 200cc
  4. 4. Retort condintion 121DC x 30min
  5. 5. Preserved condition 5℃ Preserved in refrigerator for 24h over
  6. 6. Testing condition: Same as presavation
  7. 7. Measurement: Dropped from 40cm height with 1kg weight
  8. 8. Sample numbers: 30 pouches

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