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adhesive resin

ADMER™ resins are anhydride grafted polyolefin materials, designed to bond polyolefin (PO) such as PE and PP to a variety of polar materials, such as PAs, EVOH, PC, PET (PBT) and metals (e.g. steel, aluminum).

ADMER™ resins are used as tie layer in multilayer structures, such as films, tubes, bottles, sheets, pipes, tanks or as coupling agent in various composites.

ADMER™ resins are thermoplastics and can be processed in the same way as PE or PP including film co-extrusion (cast and blown film), co-extrusion blow molding, co-extrusion coating and etc.




Barrier Bottle, Barrier film, Barrier Stretch Film, Barrier Tube, Barrier Cup, Barrier Tray

Co-extrusion in

  • Blow Molding
  • Sheet Processing
  • Film Processing
  • Tube Processing
  • Extrusion Coating

Cross-sectional view of multi layer film