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Polyurethane adhesives for film lamination

Takelac™ / Takenate™ are 2-components polyurethane adhesive for film lamination that provides exceptional heat resistance, durability, toughness and safety. Fabrication methods include dry lamination, solvent-less lamination, and extrusion- lamination. Application ranges from general purpose, boil-in-pouches, retort pouches, aluminum drawn containers, and other industrial uses.


  1. Enables diverse film lamination combinations

For manufacturing laminate films with exceptional heat resistance, durability, toughness, and safety

  1. Mitsui offers numerous grades to meet diverse user needs

Fabrication methods: Dry lamination, solventless lamination, extrusion-lamination.

Applications: General purpose, boil-in-pouches, retort pouches, aluminum drawn containers, various industrial uses.


(Unit: N/15mm)

  Peel Strength (AL/CPP) Remark
Initial 10.5 AL/ad.
After retort* 7.8 CPP-SF***
After storage** 8.5 CPP-SF***

After Retort* : 135 C-30min
After storage** : 50 C-2week
CPP-SF*** : CPP film surface failure