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Transparent Polymer X

TPX™ is a 4-methylpentene-1-based olefin copolymer. It has a unique molecular structure. Although TPX™ is a crystalline olefin polymer, it shows transparency. Because of its excellent heat-resistance, release property and chemical resistance, TPX™ is used for industrial materials, including mandrels and sheaths in the manufacture of high-pressure rubber hose, mold cups to create LED light and other applications such as release film on FPC manufacturing process and release paper in the manufacture of synthetic leather. Furthermore, TPX™ possesses a lowest density among thermoplastic polymers and then provides the molded articles with lower weight. This leads to reduce the environmental load for transportation. It is also noted that TPX™ is a halogen-free polymer denoted as environmentally-friendly material. TPX™ is also used for food-related applications such as food wraps, food preservation packs, baking carton and microwave oven tableware.


  1. Highest melting point among polyolefins
  2. Excellent releaseability


TPX™ has excellent release ability.
Surface Tension of TPX™ is almost same as PTFE.


Food Dishes & MWO Containers

  • Heat Resistance
  • Transparency
  • Food Safety
  • Easy-wash
  • Releaseability