Singapore Beach Cleaning for Mitsui Chemicals Group

Doing our part in preventing trash from entering the water channels


Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd.

Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific (MCAP) – Mitsui Chemicals Singapore, a collective group of 6 affiliated companies to Mitsui Chemicals, had completed a round of beach cleaning on 6 September 2019 at Pasir Ris Park Area 1, a beach located at the eastern part of Singapore. More than 50 staff and family member volunteers had participated in the clean-up exercise. A total of 68.12kg worth of trash was collected after 1.5 hours of clean-up activity.


Clean-up Caravan 2019 - Singapore Opening speech - Clean-up Caravan 2019 SG
Clean-up Caravan 2019 SG


To aid the clean-up effort, Public Hygiene Council had provided access to their CleanPod located in Pasir Ris Park Area 1, whereby our volunteers used the thongs and garden carts during the activity.


In Mr Ikunori Sakai, Managing Director for MCAP, opening address before the activity commenced, he shared that it is extremely important for Mitsui Chemicals Group, one of the global industry players, to partake in such clean-up commitment to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.


Mitsui Chemicals Group Clean-up Caravan


Although various affiliates under Mitsui Chemicals Group had organized clean-up activities in the past, the Clean-up Caravan was officially initiated in 2019 as a program that consolidates the various litter clean-up activities currently undertaken independently across our sites around the World. This is our group-wide efforts to address the marine litter issues that the World faces currently.


About Mitsui Chemicals Group in Singapore


Singapore is the home to six local affiliates for Mitsui Chemicals Group. Besides Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd. (MCAP) is the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter of Mitsui Chemicals Inc., the other five entities include Mitsui Phenols Singapore Pte. Ltd. (MPS), Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte Ltd (MELS), Prime Evolue Singapore Pte. Ltd. (EVLS), SDC Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (SDC AP) and Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte Ltd (MS R&D).


Being the Asia Pacific growth functional hub, MCAP strives to drive business growth, provide robust functional services to regional affiliates or businesses, and deliver values to customers leveraging full power of all affiliates in Mitsui Chemicals Group.

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