Development of Plant-derived High Refractive Index Lens Material "Do Green™"


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: Tsutomu Tannowa) announced the successful development of "Do Green™", a bio-based high refractive index lens material using plant-derived material.

Mitsui Chemicals developed this lens monomer MR-160™ (refractive index 1.60) using its new and unique aliphatic isocyanate-derived biomass, STABiO™ PDI™. The Company acquired certification for the monomer as a biomass-derived product in both Japan※1and the United States※2.

The Company also received the same certification for its ultra-high refractive index lens monomer MR-174™ (refractive index 1.74).

【Biomass certified products】

NULL (Refractive index of 1.60) JORA Biomass 30 - 40%※3 NULL (Certified March 2014) USDA Biomass 57%※4 NULL (Certified September 2014)
NULL (Refractive index of 1.74) JORA Biomass 30 - 40%※3 NULL (Certified December 2014) USDA Biomass 82%※4 NULL (Certified October 2014)

※1JORA (Japan Organics Recycling Association): Provides biomass certification to environmentally friendly products using biomass and which meet certain quality and regulatory standards.

※2USDA Certified Bio-based Products: The United States Department of Agriculture gives “USDA BioPreferred®” certification to products derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials which give an alternative to conventional petroleum derived products.

※3Ratio of fossil fuel-derived carbon and biomass-derived ingredients

※4Ratio of fossil fuel-derived carbon and biomass-derived carbon tested by ASTM-D6866-12 (standard test for determining bio-based content of solid, liquid, and gaseous samples using carbon-14 radiocarbon analysis)

The Mitsui Chemicals Group will continue research and development of biosynthesis and plant culture technology, such as polymers derived from plants, as a solution provider committed to finding new sustainable processes and materials. The Company will continue to develop plant-derived materials including not only ophthalmic lens materials but also applications such as coating materials and adhesives while pursuing realization of a cohesive society in harmony with the environment.