Mitsui Chemicals Group Starts up Indian Business for BIS Certification of Solar Panels

Responding to Indian demand for solar power generation


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) today announced that operations are under way at a new solar testing and certification lab built by subsidiary Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd. (MCIND; President: Suraj Arya) in the Indian state of Gujarat. Launched Dec. 2019 with the assistance of German-based PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG (PI Berlin)*1, the new business will be used by Mitsui Chemicals India to respond to the country’s growing energy demand.

The Mitsui Chemicals Group has previously built up a wide range of expertise relating to solar power generation. And based on this expertise, the group has fostered enough trust to be able to register a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)*2 testing and certification lab before any other Japanese company. This lab will now be used for testing the performance and reliability of solar panels, allowing the Mitsui Chemicals Group to launch its business for BIS certification.

三井化学グループ インドにおける太陽光パネル BIS 認証試験事業の開始について①
Testing lab exterior
三井化学グループ インドにおける太陽光パネル BIS 認証試験事業の開始について②
During a test

Overview of the Solar Panel Testing and Certification Lab

Location Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
Business overview BIS certification, evaluation, measurement and testing of solar panels
Start of business Operations started in Dec. 2019
Registration Registered as a BIS certification and testing lab in Dec. 2020

Mitsui Chemicals Group’s Expertise Relating to Solar Power Generation

  • Mitsui Chemicals subsidiary Mitsui Chemicals Tohcello, Inc. (CEO: KAIDE Takeshi) has built up deterioration prediction technology over its 30 years of producing and selling solar panel encapsulants (Link 1)
  • Mitsui Chemicals has carried out development and management as an operator of the Tahara Solar /Wind Electricity Generation Plant, which was launched in 2014 in Tahara, Aichi Prefecture (Link 2)
  • Mitsui Chemicals has accumulated data through experimental power plant facilities at the Mobara Branch Factory of Ichihara Works and the Sodegaura Center

Link 1 :

Link 2 :

Mitsui Chemicals' diagnostics business for photovoltaic power generation is Blue Value™*3-certified as helping to reduce greenhouse gases produced through photovoltaic power generation, with this including panel diagnostics prior to power plant construction to prevent deterioration in panel generation capacity. Through this business, the Mitsui Chemicals Group will continue to help solve social issues being targeted under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Business Rollout in India

Business Rollout in India

*1Established in Berlin, Germany, in October 2006, PI Photovoltaik-Institut Berlin AG is a certification company with R&D capabilities. The company supplies the global market with solar panel testing, certification and R&D, as well as services for solar power plants.

*2Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification is India’s equivalent of Japan’s JIS certification, and can only be implemented by certification bodies located domestically in India. Since July 2018, every solar panel installation project in India has needed to acquire BIS certification for the panels used.

*3Blue Value™: To create a cohesive society in harmony with the environment, the Mitsui Chemicals Group makes the contributions of its products and services more visible to share that value with stakeholders. The Mitsui Chemicals Group assesses products and services with separate metrics according to their usage, awarding Blue Value™ certification to those that have high value in making an environmental contribution.

Mitsui Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd.

Establishment February 2008
Capital 300 million rupees (Mitsui Chemicals: 99%, Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific: 1%)
Head office New Delhi, India
Business Marketing and sale of Mitsui Chemicals Group products