Mitsui Chemicals Builds Group-Wide Integrated HR Platform

Platform covering around 18,000 Mitsui Chemicals Group employees went live at the beginning of February 2023


Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (Tokyo: 4183; President & CEO: HASHIMOTO Osamu) has implemented Workday HCM*1 to build a new group-wide integrated human resources (HR) platform that will facilitate a higher level human capital management across the group worldwide. The platform went live on February 1, 2023, at all sites of Mitsui Chemicals worldwide and 94*2 consolidated affiliates.

The construction of this platform is a key pillar of the HR strategy that will lead to the achievement of the VISION 2030 Long-Term Business Plan.

Mitsui Chemicals aims to bring VISION 2030 to fruition by stepping up environmental enhancements that will lay the foundations for enabling each and every employee of the Mitsui Chemicals Group to tap their diverse potential and independently develop their careers. The approach to achieving this will involve providing growth opportunities and investment in human capital in a fair and timely manner, as well as assisting all staff in resolutely taking on challenges without fearing failure, with all of this to be built upon flexible ways of thinking.

Mitsui Chemicals’ HR Strategy

Mitsui Chemicals believes that human resources – that is to say, talent – hold the key to the ongoing creation of solutions for society’s issues. Valuing each and every individual is crucial, as doing so ensures an equal relationship between the company and its employees – a relationship in which each provides the other with the stimulus both need to improve and move in an even better direction. Mitsui Chemicals has therefore positioned Key Talent Management*3 covering all Group employees as a core measure in its HR strategy. Mitsui Chemicals also practices inclusive talent management focused on placing the right person in the right position, which encompasses the process of acquiring, training, deploying and utilizing those who are potential future leaders.

Functions and expected effects of the group-wide integrated HR platform

FunctionAnticipated effect
From employees' perspectives Visualization of information about the organization, positions and career steps Encouraging independent, autonomous career development
  • Visualization of all positions/job descriptions in the group will enable all employees to search across all regions, countries and group companies for positions they aspire to take on in the future.
  • Individual employees will be able to independently and autonomously design their future careers within Mitsui Chemicals at the group level. (A group-wide recruitment function is to be implemented in the future)
  • The collection of data on personnel changes will ensure that employees receive automatic recommendations for career steps they should aspire.
Encouraging innovation
  • All employees will be able to access information and details of positions within the organization. The collaboration and networking among group employees encouraged by this access will result in the creation of new challenges, ideas and value.
From the organization's perspective Integration of organizational and HR data items with HR management processes Upgrading HR strategy
  • The platform will help in visualizing information about organizations and positions throughout the group, including occupations, expected roles and competencies; along with HR information about such matters as skills, career preferences, experience and qualifications. The improved visibility of this information will make it possible to analyze the gaps between the current state of the group’s HR portfolio and its vision for the future, with this aiding in the formulation of more effective HR strategies and in turn helping to achieve business portfolio transformation.
  • The integration of organization data and HR data items as well as HR management processes will facilitate a more accurate grasp of information about human capital across the group at the global level, and enable internal management indicators to be maintained in accordance with ISO 30414.
Bolstering disclosure of information regarding human capital
  • The platform will allow for group-level disclosure of quantitative and qualitative human capital data specific to Mitsui Chemicals.
Internal communication platform Improving awareness of the corporate mission and increasing employee engagement
  • The HR platform is equipped with an internal communication platform accessible to all employees of the Mitsui Chemicals Group.
  • The ability to distribute written and visual messages from senior management, share information about commendations across all group companies and conduct surveys in a timely manner, will promote two-way communication between the company and its managers on one hand and employees on the other.

*1Workday, Inc. and Workday HCM
Headquartered in California, Workday, Inc. is a provider of cloud-based integrated finance, HR, planning and analysis applications for companies. Workday HCM is the company’s cloud-based, group-wide, integrated HR management platform.

*2The platform is due to be introduced at an additional 30 companies or so in fiscal 2023.

*3Introduced in fiscal 2016. A mechanism for group-level strategic talent management coupled with corporate governance.


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