Flocculants (water treatment), paper-strengthening agents (pulp and paper)

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Flocculants (water treatment), paper-strengthening agents (pulp and paper)



Acrylamide is a monomer synthesized by the hydration of acrylonitrile and is mainly used as the raw material of polyacrylamide, which is employed as polymer flocculants for wastewater treatment, paper strength resin and crude oil recovery agents, among other uses.

  • CCAS-No 79-06-1

  • Raw material of Polyacrylamide
  • Raw material of Synthetic Resin
  • Raw material of cross-linking agent

ItemUnitSpecificationsAnalytical Method
Appearance-ClearMitsui Chemicals Method
Assay40% Solution : 40.0~41.0
50% Solution : 49.8~50.6
pH-5.0 ~ 7.0
ColorAPHA20 max
Iron as Feppm0.10 max
Cuppm0.1 max
Acrylonitrile0.10 max

 50% Solution40% Solution
1MTIBC Container-
ISO Container
Lorry Lorry

Mitsui Chemicals is capable of producing high-quality and stable products with a reduced environmental impact due to the enzyme catalysis methods utilized in its manufacturing processes.
Mitsui Chemicals is actively expanding the license for acrylamide production technology with enzyme catalysis methods and selling Bio Catalyst. Please see the presentation below.

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