High-quality coating materials (hard coating, anti-fog coating)

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Coatings for adding properties such as abrasion resistance and anti-fogging to lens substrates


SDC Technologies, Inc. (SDC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals with global headquarters in the US, specializes in hard coatings. FSI Coating Technologies, a subsidiary of SDC also headquartered in the US, is a global leader in high performance anti-fog coating systems. At SDC, we pursue extensive research and development on high-quality coating materials not only for eyeglass lenses, but also for innovative solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive and transportation, healthcare, safety, building and construction and consumer electronics. Our Crystal Coat™, Visgard®, Vistex® and FormGard® coatings are shipped worldwide and supported by our regional customer service centers in US, Europe and Asia.

Innovative Coating Solution Properties include:

  • Abrasion, chemical, impact and scratch resistance
  • Excellent steel wool resistance
  • Refractive index matching to lens substrates
  • Compatibility with high Refractive Index (RI) primers
  • Tintable and non-tintable
  • Solvent-Free (100% Solids) and solvent-based
  • Primerless or primer-free options
  • Compatibility with anti-reflective (AR) and metalizing lens treatments
  • Exceptional optical clarity
  • Hydrophilic, permanent water-washable anti-fog performance
  • Flexible and thermoformable
  • Thermal and Radiation cure

Optical (Ophthalmic) Lens

As the market leader in the field of premium abrasion-resistant coatings, SDC offers a complete suite of Crystal Coat™ coatings and primers suited for prescription Rx lenses and other applications. SDC manufactures tintable and non-tintable coatings in both thermal cure and radiation cure formulas, all of which can be applied to virtually any lens substrate. SDC has also developed high-performance RI matched coatings for high RI MR™ series lens substrates.

Sunglasses and Sports Eyewear

Compatible with both tinted and clear substrates made of lens materials such as MR™, polycarbonate, polyamide, ADC (CR-39®, RAV 7™), acrylic and Trivex®, SDC Crystal Coat™ products enhance the abrasion resistance and durability of sunglasses and sports eyewear. SDC sunlens coating products offer excellent tintability, anti-fog properties, and high abrasion resistance, essential qualities for sunglasses and sports eyewear.

Applications That Demand Superior Safety

SDC offers a lineup of Crystal Coat™ products for applications that demand high safety features. In response to current market trends in anti-fog coatings, SDC offers premium hydrophilic anti-fog and high abrasion resistance coatings for specific industries. These coatings meet high standards and pass various industry performance tests. SDC also provides a suite of primer-free coatings for thermal and UV curing applications.

Best-In-Class Anti-Fog Coatings

FSI Coating Technologies, Inc. (FSICT) offers a wide range of coatings under the Visgard® and Vistex® product brands. These coatings meet the market demand for highly durable coatings, including (EN-166 and EN-168) performance standards, permanent water-washable anti-fog coatings and standard/ customized anti-fog coated film and sheet products. FSICT also offers a range of hard coating systems and primer solutions that are compatible with AR, mirror and metalizing lens coating treatments. These anti-fog coatings are ideally suited to medical, safety and sports eyewear applications, as well as industrial-use sheets and PET films for commercial freezer display cases.

Company Profile

A world-renowned company and wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals, SDC develops and manufactures coating materials that add premium abrasion resistance and other valuable characteristics and functions to plastics, glass, and metals. SDC products add high performance, exceptional optical clarity and durability to eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety goggles, automotive and aerospace products, electronic devices, and other custom applications.

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Customer Support

The SDC trusted advisor team has gained the confidence of its clients by providing optimal solutions that meet specific demands based on thorough case-by-case assessments. Our goal is to maintain and strengthen industrial productivity processes for our customers and to enhance the performance and quality of their products.


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