Material for eyeglass lenses

Applications detail

Middle - index lenses



KOC/KR are middle - high refractive index lens materials manufactured and sold by ML TECH and its subsidiaries mainly for Chinese market.
In particular, KR offers a blue light blocking function along with UV protection that has gained interests in recent years and met new generated needs.


Company profile

ML TECH, a 100% subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals. Inc, manufactures and sells eyeglass lens materials based in Sejong, South Korea. It also has a manufacturing and sales office (subsidiary) in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province, China, and sell mainly to customers (lens manufacturers) in China who require highly reliable products.

Customer Support System

ML TECH's customer support team always listens to actual voice of customer, responses to their needs quickly, and strives to improve product performance and quality.


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