Acrylic resin and polyurethane resin for coating

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Urethane coating resins for paint, printing ink, paper, etc.


OLESTER™ is a urethane resin that is used for wide range of coating applications. OLESTER™ has excellent characteristics in terms of water resistance, abrasion resistance, high flexibility and chemical resistance.

OLESTER™ RA type (UV curing type resin)

OLESTER™ RA type can be used for instantaneous speed curing (within a few seconds) and has resource-saving characteristics (higher non-volatile and lower energy consumption).

OLESTER™ Q type (acrylic polyol)

OLESTER™ Q type is an acrylic polyol for two-pack type polyurethane coating.

OLESTER™ UD type (water-borne polyurethane resin)

OLESTER™ UD type has fast dry-to-handle properties (set to touch: 5 min., thorough drying: 30 min.) that are superior to solvent type polyurethane resins.

OLESTER™ UD type has better abrasion resistance than the humidity curing type polyurethane resin, and it is nonflammable and has a non-odor solution. It can be used for both clear coating and the enamel coating of paints for woods, metals, plastics, inorganic materials and many other materials.

RA type (UV curing type resin)
RA type (UV curing type resin)
Q type (acrylic and polyester polyol)
Q type (acrylic and polyester polyol)
UD type (water-borne polyurethane resin)
Yellowing type
UD type (water-borne polyurethane resin):Yellowing type

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