RAV 7™

Material for eyeglass lenses

Applications detail

Low-index lenses



The RAV 7™ series Optical Monomers produce high quality low index (1.50) ophthalmic lenses.
They are characterized by a high scratch and weather resistance, are tintable and have optical performance close to mineral glass. Apart from ophthalmics, RAV 7™ extends its use to applications in the marine environment and use in welding masks, as well as photographic filters.

Product Portfolio

  • High scratch resistance and non-yellowing
  • Excellent solvent resistance and weather resistance
Comparison of Properties
ClassificationGradesKey features
StandardRAV 7™AT
Standard ADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses
Standard ADC*1 grade with even better colour of 1.5 index lenses
SpecialtyRAV 7™NGADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses with reduced shrinkage
and initiator demand Suited to cast complex lenses. Improved scratch resistance
SpecialtyRAV 7™MCADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses.
In-mass coloration of sunlenses and corrective lenses.
Prevent tinting failures and improves color consistency.
SpecialtyRAVolution™Pure polyurethane with 1.51 index.
High impact resistance combined with high abbe value and very low density.
Perfectly suited for rimless and neutral colored blue-cut glasses
SpecialtyRAV 7™55TADC*1 grade for production of 1.55/1.56 index lenses.
SpecialtyRAV 7™BCADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses.
UV+420cut (Blue Cut) grade for providing protection
against harmful visible light(HEV) on top of full UV protection
SpecialtyRAV 7™NLADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses.
40% less IPP*2, yet with excellent castability,
and with higher heat resistance and hardness
SpecialtyRAV 7™AFADC*1 grade for production of 1.5 index lenses.
Anti-fern additive to prevent tinting defects in high power finished lenses.
Mixable with other ADC*1 grades.

*1 ADC: Allyl diglycol carbonate

*2 IPP: Diisopropyl peroxy carbonate

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