Polyolefin synthetic pulp


SWP™ / KEMIBESTO™ is a 100% fibrillated polyolefin fiber with good hydrophilicity, superior smoothness, high whiteness, exceptional heat sealability, and outstanding moisture resistance. By integrating SWP™ high-performance fiber with paper and nonwoven fabrics or compounding it with cement and coating materials, new characteristics and new functions become possible. The unique functionality and characteristics of SWP™ bring revolutionary ideas and innovations to a wide range of industries from food and pharmaceutical packaging, paper products, coating materials, paints and building materials, industrial materials, to beauty and healthcare.

KEMIBESTO™ is a dried and fluffed polyolefin synthetic pulp (SWP™ ) with fibrillated fibers that disperse readily in water or organic solvents bolstering particle retention and viscosity controllability as well as other valuable characteristics important in a wide range of applications including but not limited to paints, coatings, and adhesives.

Heat sealability

SWP™ affords heat sealing properties that express adhesion, and is used for food packaging such as tea bags.

Chemical resistance/Heat fusionability

SWP has superb thermal adhesion properties, mouldability, shape retention and chemical resistance to acid and alkali, and is used for various industrial products.


SWP synthetic paper's highly-fibrillated fiber (multi-branched, high surface area, controlled freeness) has excellent cement particle entrapment, mouldability and thixotropy and is used for roofing tiles, coatings and adhesives.


SWP-blended paper has fine embossibility and enhances three dimensional and transparent designs compared with conventional paper.

Surface smoothness

Calendared paper has a highly smooth surface for enhanced printability. A coating to its surface is added for use for labels, posters and other printed products.

Paper manufacturing, multi-branched short fibers for wetlaid nonwovens, heat seal paper for packaging, moulded pulp, filters and substitute for asbestos

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