View experience trial of posica™ kukkiri™ film at Spago Singapore

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Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd.
Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte. Ltd.

Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific (MCAP) – An innovative glass film, posica™ kukkiri™, developed by Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc., an affiliated company in Mitsui Chemicals Group, recently conducted its trial at Spago Singapore, a renowned dining by Chef Wolfgang Puck, located at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The trial, commenced since 14 February 2023, had the film applied to specific window panes in the restaurant. Diners seated near these windows will get to experience the enhanced view of the picturesque skyline of Singapore and enjoy a better dining ambience. 


Images taken at Spago Singapore

Images taken at Spago Singapore. The skyline is clearer and colours are more vivid.


The trial was facilitated by Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre (MS-R&D), who sought to expand its adoption in Asia Pacific region. We will have further discussions on future applications with Spago Singapore.


This innovative glass film, posica™, enhances the view experience by dramatically improving the colour saturation and reducing uncomfortable light glare. 


Possible applications of posica™


By applying posica™ to windows, scenery looks more natural and vivid, thus creating exciting moments for people. Create a sense of peace and openness through the windows of resort hotels. Make lasting memories in wedding halls. When applied to glass displays and cabinets in restaurants and patisserie, food on display look even more mouth-watering.


Posica Installation at Hotel Mikazuki

Image taken at Hotel Mikazuki. The colour of the sky and sea is sharper and less glaring.


In a small-scale trial at selected Japan office spaces, when posica™ was applied to the windows, it was also observed that the enhanced visuals and views helped workers to focus better at work. 


About Mitsui Chemicals Group in Singapore


Singapore is the home to five affiliates for Mitsui Chemicals Group. Besides Mitsui Chemicals Asia Pacific, Ltd. (MCAP), the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter of Mitsui Chemicals Inc., the four other entities - Mitsui Elastomers Singapore Pte Ltd, Prime Evolue Singapore Pte Ltd, SDC Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd and Mitsui Chemicals Singapore R&D Centre Pte Ltd.


Being the Asia Pacific Regional Headquarter, MCAP strives to drive business growth, provide robust functional services to regional affiliates or businesses, and deliver values to customers by leveraging on the strengths of all affiliates in Mitsui Chemicals Group.

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