Cost optimization
Benefit for manufacture

Less plastics use

Stand up pouch (Rigid to flexible)

Less is more. Increase the packaging print area with less material.

Heat seal coating (Sealant film elimination)

Removing the need for sealent films

Down gauge film

Reduce films' thickness while maintaining the required properties to keep your packaging pristine. And film thickness reduction is possible if you choose suitable adhesive.

Structure simplification

Why have 3 layers when 2 layers provides the same capabilities?

Less process cost

Solvent free adhesives

Reduce the need for chemical solvent recovery.

Heat seal processing

Reduce the amount of energy required to seal. Increase your packaging speed. You decide.

Increasing processability

High speed packing

Reducing the amount of energy required to seal or increasing your packaging speed we let you decide.

Bubble stability

Less setup and turnover time to enable higher productivity.

Less production defect

Less defect at FFS

Ensure every seal is a good seal.

Seal-through contamination

Allow a good seal every time for powder and liquid products.

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