For recycling


As a member of the Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging (CEFLEX), our mono-material packaging solution is defined based on their guidelines; structural build-up of more than 90% PE/PP/PO, allowing for easy recycling process by recycling companies.

Paper packaging

Our developments in paper allows it to be used as a functional packaging material, providing barrier as well as sealability.

Recycle aid

Focusing on "End of Life" cycle for packaging materials, our recycle aid materials allows for increased compatability between different polymers during the recycling process.

Paper base structure

Paper packaging

Our paper coating development allows paper to be used as a functional packaging material by providing both barrier and sealable capability.

Pulp mold

Our developments in pulp packaging allows for complex shape designs as well as heat sealing.

Food waste reduction

Keeping freshness with film

Extending shelf life for food product without compromising food quality is the key for food packaging. From controlling to limiting gas transmission rate, our various packaging solutions support and enable these objectives.

Keeping freshness with reuseable container

Improved stain and impact resistance, and ease of cleaning for grims and greases are some of the properties provided by using our resins and modifiers.

Microwavable food wrapping

One of the key issues faced by commodity cling film is their lack of resistance to high temperatures; typically melting when exposed to hot oils.
With our material we are able to prevent melting of cling film in microwaves. Due to its exceptional high temperature resistance.

Bio Base

Bio Base Adhesive resin

Adhesive resin containing at least 50% biomass to help combat global warming. It has the same adhesive strength, moldability and molding appearance as conventional ADMER™, thus making application easy.

Bio Base poly-Isosyanate Hardener

Bio-based polyisocyanate with a Biomass content of more than 60% to help combat global warming. With a High NCO content and its non yellowing nature its ideal for todays packaging needs.

Reduce plastic use

Stand up pouch (Rigid to flexible)

Less is more. Increase the packaging print area with less material.

Heat seal coating (Sealant film elimination)

Removing the need for sealent films.

Down gauge film

Reduce films' thickness while maintaining the required properties to keep your packaging pristine. And film thickness reduction is possible if you choose suitable adhesive.

Structure simplification

Why have 3 layers when 2 layers provides the same capabilities?

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