Quality of Life (QoL)
Benefit for consumer

Shelf life extension

Retort pouch

Retort packaging is suitable for products that demands temperature sensitivity during food preservation and shelf life extension.

Frozen food

Frozen food demands a different specification. Our packaging solution for frozen food will maintain their properties at sub-zero temperature, allowing frozen food to be kept in pristine condition during storage and shipping.

High barrier films

If maximizing shelf life is the key consideration, our curated packaging solution will be able to perform to your needs.

User-friendly packaging

Easy Peel

Suitable for both the young and mature, food packaing that are easy-to-peel enhances the food experience. Consumers can have a simple access to your product without sacrificing the food quality.

Consumer experience packaging

Food flavour preservation

Food with plastic smell or taste damages the consumption experience. To a certain extent, lowering the favourability to the brand. Our low odour resins help maintain the smells and flavours of your products, and maximize the consumers' food experience.

High reliability packaging

Our solutions to overcome the rigours of transportation damage to prevent the loss of food quality and reduction in shelf life.

Excellent appearance

Aesthetic appearance is important for some food products. To showcase the natural beauty of your products, we have got the right packaging options.

Press Through Packaging(PTP), Blister packaging

Easy access to medication, is crucial especially to the weak and elderly. Our solutions allow for good seals preserving the quality of your medication, while allowing for easy access to those who needs them.

Food safety

BPA free

Ensuring healthy foods with BPA free materials.

GLYMO free adhesive

Complying to global regulations on safety for food packaging.

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Complying to global regulations on safety for food packaging. We are specialist for FDA, EU, China and other local regulations.

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