posica™ kukkiri™ film

View-enhancing film

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込

posica™ kukkiri™ film uses Mitsui Chemicals Inc.’s proprietary dyestuff technology to enhance the clarity and brightness of the view through windows.


It absorbs yellow light and cuts out 99% of UV rays, resulting in high contrast view. It also conforms to JIS A5759 and can act as an anti-shattering safety film.

Free trial (limited time offer)


Wondering how posica™ kukkiri™ film can improve your view? 


For a limited time only, Mitsui Chemicals is offering a free trial* to potential customers. Simply answer some questions, and we will send you a sample.

*Please note that the free trial offered is subject to availability and not guaranteed for all respondents. The free trial does not include film installation.

* Installation not included

Mitsui Chemicals’ cutting-edge functional dyes makes colors in a scene more brilliant, and color contrasts of objects higher, by selectively absorbing specific wavelengths of yellow light. 


Better Red, Better Green, Better Blue

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込


Ensuring safety by preventing glasses from scattering during disasters. Conforms to JIS A 5759.

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込


Approved by Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as a non-combustible material - Accredited no. NM-3742.

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込

UV rays reduction

Reducing 99% of harmful UV rays that can cause sun damage and color-fading to interior items.

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込

Scratch-resistant coating

The hard-coating surface reduces scratches and damages during and after installation.

posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込 Offices
posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込 Resorts & Hotels
posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込 Display cases
posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込 Tourism facilities

posica™ kukkiri™ film is made of PET material, a hard coating layer, an adhesive layer, and a separator.


Mitsui Chemicals Inc.’s proprietary dyestuff material absorbs yellow light (Fig. 1), which results in enhancing the contrast of buildings, and darkening of some colours to make the contrast sharper (Fig. 2). It removes yellowish colours in white objects to make them brighter and clearer.


posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込
posica_mft_20220901 ENG 画像埋込

POSICA structure

POSICA optical properties

posica™ kukkiri™ film has been successfully installed in a variety of places. Hear from our satisfied customers how posica™ kukkiri™ film has helped their business.

Spago, a prestigious dining establishment helmed by Chef Wolfgang Puck, is located at the roof of the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. 


The trial, initiated on February 14, 2023, involved applying the film to select window panes within the restaurant, enriching diners' experiences with an enhanced view of Singapore's stunning skyline and an elevated dining atmosphere.


POSICA before-after at Spago


posica™ kukkiri™ film can make a beautiful view even better!


Jamiyah Nursing Home is a non-profit and charitable organisation that provides compassionate care and support for elderly residents in a nurturing environment.


posica™ kukkiri™ film was installed in 2023 in a room where patients often gathered. It reduced uncomfortable daytime glare, enabling a calmer atmosphere. This not only enhances patient and nursing staff mental well-being, it may also aid in care delivery and health recovery.


Before POSICA installation at JNH
After POSICA installation at JNH
“Our nurses shared that Activity Room feels cooler and it improved the residents’ mood. There is less glare and we like the aesthetic improvements.”
Hafizah Binte Abdul Ghani
Staff Nurse 
Jamiyah Nursing Home


posica™ kukkiri™ film creates a positive environment for patients!


An experiment was conducted at some hotels in Japan. posica™ kukkiri™ film was installed in some rooms, and customer reservation data was collected.


With posica™ kukkiri™ film, there is a quantifiable difference:


  • Rooms installed with posica™ kukkiri™ film were priced at 1,000 yen more than standard rooms, and 25% of customers were willing to pay for the premium.
  • 100% said they would stay again in rooms installed with posica™ kukkiri™ film again.
  • posica™ kukkiri™ film also helped reduce cancellation rates from an industry average of 33% to 8%.


Installation at Hotel Mochizuki Installation at Hotel Mochizuki


posica™ kukkiri™ film is an investment that can increase hotel revenue!

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