Packaging, Printing materials

Product List

Alpha-olefin copolymer


Adhesive polyolefin, modified polyolefin

Acrylic resin and polyester resin for coating


Foam molded polypropylene sheet for floor protection at moving

Polyvinyl alcohol coated OP

Cyclic olefin copolymer


Modified polyamide 6T

Thermoplastic polyimide

Water-base acrylic resin

Water-based acrylic emulsion

Polyurethane resins for castable materials

Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion

Polyolefin-based Aqueous Dispersion


Easy open film

Non-stretched polypropylene film

Diisobutyl ketone


Two-layer cross-linked polyethylene pipes/electrofusion joints

Two-layer cross-linked polyethylene pipes/electrofusion joints

Modified epoxy resin for coating

Low molecular weight polyolefin

High-durability 1, 4-H6XDI polyurethane elastomer

High-grade Hydrocarbon resin

Styrene acrylic emulsion

Alcohol ethoxylate

Foam molded PP sheet, expanded 1.3 times

Hexylene glycol (HG)

Low-foam PE sheet

Low molecular weight polyolefin

High density polyethylene


Materials for crop cultivation system

High-clean adhesive tape


Isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Multi-branch fibrillated polyolefin

Self-lubricating special polyethylene, high self-lubricating special polyolefin resin

Ethylene-alpha-olefin co-oligomer

m-, p-Cresol

Transparent high-barrier film


Methyl methacrylate (MMA)

Methyl isobutyl ketone

Surface protection tape

Polyethylene terephthalate

Aluminum-metallized film

Polyurethane for coating


Straight-chain medium-density polyethylene

Ground drainage pipe

Timber protective coating [WP stain]

UV (ultra-violet) curable coating material

Olefin polymerization catalyst

Acrylic resin and polyurethane resin for coating

Biaxially-oriented polypropylene film

Heat-resistant release film

Foam molded PP sheet, expanded 3 times

Foam molded PP sheet, expanded 2 times

Foam molded PP sheet, expanded 2 times

Foam molded PP sheet, expanded 5 times


Polyolefin-type soft resin

High-purity terephthalic acid

Silicone-coated film

Solar cell encapsulants

Freshness-keeping BOPP film

Bio-based 1,5-pentamethylene diisocyanate (PDI) based polyisocyanate

Polyolefin synthetic pulp

Multilayer coextruded film

L-LDPE film

Alpha-olefin copolymer

Nano crystal structure-controlled elastomer

Shape holding material

Transparent deposition film

Polymethyl pentane

Linear low-density polyethylene

Liquid polyolefin-type adhesive

Amino resin

UV-curing sealant for liquid crystal displays

PVDC coated transparent high-barrier film


Piezoelectric film